NYE and an Amazing Year, Fulp-Allen Wrestling Style

This has been a really amazing year from Sara and I. So many changes, so many emotions. With change comes the good and the bad, and it has been up to us to embrace all of it. Time goes on so quickly, and I think it is so important to look back on things that you may have forgotten about. Each moment helps propel you to your current state, that you have to remember where you came from so you don’t forget how hard you’ve been working to get here. I think this applies to every aspect of life: work, school, family, healing hearts, negative turned positive outlooks. With any number of heartaches you deal with in life, that healing process takes time and it takes hard work. So even if this hasn’t been the best year for you, be gentle to yourself and know how long the healing takes.

Some of our healing, has been dealing with the loss of our father, Lee Allen. Some say the second year is the hardest, but I believe that it doesn’t necessarily get easier or harder. You learn how to go easier on yourself, understanding that everything you gave and did was enough. Our family has had amazing support from friends and our wrestling family, we couldn’t have asked for anything else.


(Painting done by Johna Vasquez http://johnajv.wix.com/johnajdesigns)

Every year with wrestling brings its own excitements and challenges. I had amazing opportunities to help promote wrestling for our campaign to Keep Olympic Wrestling in the 2020 Games. I got to be part of an amazing video to promote the efforts and represent the USA in a dual meet in Ontario, Canada. I was third at the German Grand Prix and third at our US World Team Trials, making my second National Team spot in a row after third at last years Olympic Trials. In other big news… WE SAVED OLYMPIC WRESTLING!

Kat Trials 2 sara coaching Trials 2012

In our personal lives, we’ve had a lot to celebrate. Sara had a beautiful wedding in Colorado in August. In a whirlwind, she moved to Virginia with her husband and has already begun making a great impact in their wrestling community.


Shortly after, I got engaged on top of Pikes Peak! It was icing on the cake after a 13 mile hike to summit the 14,000 ft mountain.


It has been fun and exciting to share so much of our lives with all of our fans and followers. We are excited to begin a new chapter and bring you a new side of Fulp-Allen Wrestling. We have a new look coming to you this January!

Happy New Years everyone!


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